Cannot Concentrate – The New Med Woes

I had to stop working tonight because I can’t focus. I wonder how long it’ll take for my new med (Abilify) to kick in. This blog used to be called “The Lamictal Life” because I’ve been on the med for seven years. But guess what–my pdoc is taking me off Lamictal slowly and I’m now […]

Sh*t People Say to People with Mental IllnessĀ 

Originally posted on wehaveapples:
“We all get the blues!”? You: Um, so… I can’t function on a daily basis. I’m on the floor right now, unable to move. I’ve been sobbing for so long that I can’t breathe. This is my everyday. This is NOT “the blues.”? “Just be strong and put on a smile.”?…

The downs of ups – Mania isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I published something similar elsewhere, at one time or another. It was appreciated, so I’m publishing it here with a few tweaks to make it less personal. But it will still be very similar to my own experiences. A lot of people think that mania and hypomania are awesome. Well, they may be euphoric times […]